Tuesday, June 25, 2024

0 Rebate Available for Planting Trees in Southern California


The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has recently introduced a new program aimed at promoting tree planting among residents and businesses in the region. This initiative offers participants a 0 rebate for each tree they plant on their property, with a list of preferred tree options provided by the district. These trees are selected for their ability to require less water and have high stormwater retention capabilities.

Participants of the rebate program are required to purchase and plant the trees themselves, although the water district has created a handy guide to assist with tree planting and maintenance. This new tree rebate program complements the existing turf replacement initiative, which has already seen great success in helping property owners replace water-intensive lawns with more sustainable landscapes.

According to the district, the turf replacement program has resulted in the replacement of 218 million square feet of lawns, saving significant amounts of water that would be enough to serve approximately 68,000 homes on an annual basis. This new tree rebate program is expected to further contribute to water conservation efforts in Southern California and promote the development of green spaces in the region.

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