Who wrote Hold On by Alabama Shakes?

Alabama Shakes’ Anthem of Resilience: The Story Behind “Hold On”

In the landscape of modern rock music, few songs have resonated with the raw power and soulful authenticity of “Hold On” by Alabama Shakes. Released in 2012, this track quickly became the anthem of perseverance that fans clung to. But who penned this gritty ode to tenacity?

“Hold On” was written by the members of Alabama Shakes, a band that hails from Athens, Alabama. The group’s lineup at the time consisted of lead singer and guitarist Brittany Howard, bassist Zac Cockrell, guitarist Heath Fogg, and drummer Steve Johnson. The collaborative effort of these musicians resulted in a song that not only showcases their collective talent but also encapsulates the spirit of their musical synergy.

The song’s inception can be traced back to a simple bass line by Cockrell, which served as the foundation upon which the rest of the track was built. Howard’s powerful vocals and evocative lyrics soon followed, giving “Hold On” its distinctive sound and emotional depth. The song became the lead single from their debut album, “Boys & Girls,” and was instrumental in propelling Alabama Shakes to international acclaim.


Q: What genre does “Hold On” by Alabama Shakes belong to?
A: “Hold On” is often categorized under the genres of Southern rock, blues rock, and soul.

Q: Did “Hold On” receive any awards or nominations?
A: Yes, “Hold On” was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance in 2013.

Q: Is Alabama Shakes still active as a band?
A: As of my knowledge cutoff in 2023, Alabama Shakes has not officially disbanded, but they have been on hiatus since 2018, with members pursuing solo projects.


Raw Power: A term often used to describe music that is performed with great energy and intensity, often with a sense of untamed emotion.
Soulful Authenticity: The genuine and heartfelt expression that resonates with listeners on an emotional level, often associated with soul music.
Ode: A lyric poem, usually expressing exalted or enthusiastic emotion, which in this context refers to a song praising the concept of holding on in the face of adversity.






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