What is the largest offshore wind farm in Europe?

What is the largest offshore wind farm in Europe?

Europe has been at the forefront of renewable energy development, particularly in the field of offshore wind farms. These massive installations harness the power of the wind to generate clean and sustainable electricity. Among the numerous wind farms scattered across the European coastline, one stands out as the largest: the Hornsea Wind Farm.

Located off the coast of Yorkshire, England, the Hornsea Wind Farm is an impressive feat of engineering and a testament to Europe’s commitment to renewable energy. Spanning an area of over 407 square kilometers, it consists of two phases: Hornsea One and Hornsea Two.

Hornsea One, which became operational in 2020, boasts a capacity of 1.2 gigawatts (GW) and comprises 174 turbines. This alone makes it the largest operational offshore wind farm in Europe. However, the project doesn’t stop there. Hornsea Two, currently under construction, is set to surpass its predecessor in terms of size and capacity. Once completed, it will have a capacity of 1.4 GW and feature 165 turbines spread across an area of approximately 462 square kilometers.

The Hornsea Wind Farm is not only a remarkable engineering achievement but also a significant contributor to Europe’s renewable energy goals. It is estimated that once fully operational, the combined capacity of Hornsea One and Two will be enough to power over 2.3 million homes in the UK.


Q: What is an offshore wind farm?
A: An offshore wind farm is a collection of wind turbines located in bodies of water, typically in coastal areas or in the open sea. These turbines harness the power of the wind to generate electricity.

Q: What is the capacity of the Hornsea Wind Farm?
A: The Hornsea Wind Farm has a combined capacity of 2.6 gigawatts (GW). Hornsea One has a capacity of 1.2 GW, while Hornsea Two will have a capacity of 1.4 GW.

Q: How many turbines are there in the Hornsea Wind Farm?
A: Hornsea One consists of 174 turbines, while Hornsea Two will feature 165 turbines.

Q: How many homes can the Hornsea Wind Farm power?
A: Once fully operational, the Hornsea Wind Farm will have the capacity to power over 2.3 million homes in the UK.

Q: When will Hornsea Two be completed?
A: Hornsea Two is currently under construction and is expected to be completed in 2022.






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