Using AI to Accelerate Battery Discovery

Startup Aionics is utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) tools to expedite the process of discovering better battery materials. The company focuses on the electrolyte component of lithium-ion batteries. An electrolyte acts as a courier, transporting ions between the positive and negative electrodes during charging and discharging. Through AI-accelerated quantum mechanics, Aionics can run experiments on a vast database of known molecules, allowing them to consider 10,000 potential candidates per second. The AI model continuously learns to predict simulation outcomes, becoming more effective with each iteration. Aionics has also introduced generative AI models, which are trained on existing battery materials data to design new molecules suited for specific applications. The company relies on software developed at Carnegie Mellon University to enhance its efforts. Additionally, Aionics uses large language models to narrow down potential formulations before running them through the database. While AI is not directly involved in the actual discovery process, it aids scientists in eliminating unsuitable molecules. Aionics has already partnered with several companies and has raised $3.5 million in funding. The startup’s approach has the potential to not only accelerate battery development but also impact other sectors like cement production.

– TechCrunch






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