Tesla Offers Consumers Chance to Win a Free Model Y

Tesla Offers Consumers Chance to Win a Free Model Y

Tesla Inc. is giving consumers the opportunity to win a free Model Y Long Range through its referral program. Users with 1,000 referral credits can enter a draw for a chance to win the electric vehicle. The winner, to be selected randomly in January 2024, will be responsible for taxes and fees associated with the vehicle.

Interested individuals can make multiple entries into the draw, but only select configurations of the Model Y Long Range will be available. Tesla previously announced a similar offer to win a Model 3 Performance.

To accumulate referral credits, Tesla users can have friends or family use their referral link to purchase a Tesla product for the first time or take a demo drive.

In addition to the chance to win a free Model Y, Tesla rewards active participants of its referral program in various ways. Last month, the company offered customers the option to redeem 30,000 credits for an invitation to its Cybertruck delivery event.

This latest offer by Tesla serves as a way to incentivize potential customers to engage with their referral program and spread the word about the brand. The Model Y Long Range is a highly sought-after electric vehicle, and this promotion provides an enticing opportunity for consumers to potentially drive one home for free.

Overall, this initiative by Tesla demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to fostering customer loyalty and increasing brand awareness. By offering incentives and rewards through its referral program, Tesla aims to create a community of enthusiastic owners who are eager to share their positive experiences and generate new sales for the company.

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