StoreDot’s XFC Battery Cells Show No Degradation After 1,000 Consecutive Fast Charging Cycles

StoreDot’s XFC Battery Cells Show No Degradation After 1,000 Consecutive Fast Charging Cycles

StoreDot, an electric vehicle (EV) battery maker, recently announced that its silicon-dominant XFC (extreme fast charging) battery cells did not experience any degradation after undergoing 1,000 consecutive fast charging cycles. This is a significant milestone for StoreDot, demonstrating the robustness and durability of their battery technology.

During the tests, the XFC cells were rapidly charged from 10-80% of their capacity in just 10 minutes using the XFC profile, while the remaining charging cycles from 0-10% and 80-100% were conducted at a slower 1C charging rate. The results showed that the XFC cells performed as well as silicon battery cells that were slow charged from 0-100% at the commonly used level 1 or 2 charging rates.

Dr. Doron Myersdorf, StoreDot CEO, highlighted the importance of these test results, stating that they demonstrate the ability of their battery cells to deliver fast charging speeds while maintaining long-term performance. This is a crucial factor in reducing user anxiety and promoting widespread adoption of EVs.

Furthermore, StoreDot’s tests also revealed that their silicon batteries performed well under various use-case conditions, regardless of drivers’ charging habits, recharging frequency, or charger power. This further emphasizes the versatility and reliability of StoreDot’s battery technology.

StoreDot has received support from various strategic investors, including Volvo Cars, Polestar, Daimler, Samsung, VinFast, and TDK. In September, Volvo Cars signed a multi-year collaboration agreement with StoreDot to develop and optimize XFC cells for their future EVs. The first samples of the XFC cells are expected to be delivered to Volvo for testing next year.

In conclusion, StoreDot’s XFC battery cells have demonstrated remarkable durability and performance, even after 1,000 consecutive fast charging cycles. This breakthrough brings us closer to a future where EVs can enjoy fast charging speeds without compromising battery longevity.

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