Ride-Share Drivers in Australia to Gain Access to 10,000 Electric Vehicles Through Uber-BYD Partnership

Ride-Share Drivers in Australia to Gain Access to 10,000 Electric Vehicles Through Uber-BYD Partnership

Uber has partnered with BYD to provide 10,000 electric vehicles (EVs) to ride-share and food delivery drivers in Australia. This collaboration aims to increase the number of low-emission cars in the country. As part of the deal, BYD’s Atto 3 electric vehicles will be offered to drivers on flexible loans. This announcement follows the launch of Uber’s first all-electric ride-share service in Australia.

If adopted by drivers, this partnership could have a significant impact on the presence of EVs in Australia. The 10,000 EVs would represent over a month’s worth of new EV sales in the country. Uber has been exploring ways to assist drivers in purchasing low-emission vehicles since 2021, with a goal of becoming a zero-emissions platform by 2040. Although the number of EVs on Uber’s Australian platform has grown from under 100 to over 2,400, high prices and limited supply have hindered progress.

Uber Australia and New Zealand managing director Dom Taylor revealed that two-thirds of drivers expressed interest in transitioning to EVs, but only 19% believed their next car would be electric, mainly due to the high upfront costs. The introduction of affordable financing options through this partnership could encourage more drivers to switch to EVs.

Uber plans to launch its first electric vehicle service, called Comfort Electric, initially targeting business customers. The wider availability of this service will depend on the increased number of electric cars on the platform. The company aims to achieve a transition to 100% EVs by 2040. Uber acknowledges the importance of the next five years in driving EV adoption in Australia.

Luke Todd, the CEO of EVDirect, BYD’s vehicle distributor, mentioned that the collaboration with Uber took four months to secure 10,000 electric cars for drivers. He sees this as an opportunity for Uber drivers to save money, transition to a cleaner mode of transportation, and provide passengers with a better experience.

Despite the increase in electric car purchases in Australia—over 65,000 new EVs this year compared to 21,000 in the same period in 2022—the country still trails behind others in low-emission transport. Electric vehicles accounted for only 3.8% of new cars in Australia, while globally, they represented 14% in 2022.

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