Reports from Samsung proclaiming AI proweßed S24-style machines will be sold 35 million

A new report claims that Samsung will use AI as a major selling point of its Galaxy S24 model.

The Korea Daily reports that Samsung planned to ship 35 million Galaxy S24 units in 2023. That volume is 10 percent higher than that of the S23 and 22. From out to the present, Korean company lowered its production volume at 8.2 million units.

Samsung aims to sell such many units by virtue of Artificial Intelligence. Rumours suggest that Samsung will integrate OpenAI or Google Bard in its upcoming flagship products. Google previously said Bard isn’t a replacement of the Google assistant. Therefore, it seems that Bard is unlikely to be on the S24 series. Even though Google doesn’t want to have any of a single-phone feature in its mobile device? But while Google and Samsung have partnered before, they’re doing the same thing as opening up an update of Wear OS for our Galaxy Watch.

Samsung has a production target of 25%, which is slightly more than Apples’ 250 million units. However, the number has not been finalized. If Apple ships a lot of things, it will become the world’s biggest smartphone maker.

Even with AI, Samsung thinks it can take the lead from Apple. The phone uses AI to learn how technology can improve your image, text and voice.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 provides a lot of AI-powered capabilities, which Samsung could use for its AI efforts.

According to the reports, Samsung might launch its Galaxy S24 series on January 17th – in USA.

There are the Korean Daily, android police.






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