Little Girl Gets Her Birthday Wish When A Bull Elk Answers Her Call

Ya gotta love it.

Seeing kids falling in love with the outdoors is always a great thing. To be honest, it feels like the whole damn world lives through the internet. People loving the outdoors, fishing and hunting is what best drives conservation.

And what better creature to get someone all worked up than a bull elk?

Bull elk are widely thought of as some of the best game animals to target in a hunt. They are the second largest member of the deer family, reaching up to 1000 pounds, providing a ton of meat. On top of there being a lot, it is considered to be some of the best meat out there.

Bull elk also grow and shed antlers annually. They use them to attract females, show dominance in a group and for protection. These antlers are long, growing up to 6 feet long, with multiple sharp points.

Even more amazing then their size, taste and appearance is the incredible bugle they let out during the rut. If you have ever been blessed hearing the beautiful noise echo through the woods, you won’t forget it.

Calling animals in the rut can be a riot. I mean, who doesn’t like testing their skills and having an animal respond to them?

This little girl certainly does. For her birthday, all she wanted was to go call elk with her dad. Of course, her father granted the wish and took her out.

She is seen let out her best bugle to attract the attention of a nearby bull. It quickly catches his attention, and he responds with a call back.

Get this girl a bow.






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