I show you a mathematical challenge that very few managed to solve

Challenges are the order of the day. Testing our intellectual capacity is something satisfactory for everyone, as it helps us expand our knowledge and on this occasion in the field of mathematics. Here you will have to find the value of the umbrella and the beach ball, and then obtain the result of the mathematical challenge. You will need a lot of attention and concentration, since you will only have 10 seconds. Are you ready?

The key is, we believe, to first determine which numbers give us the sum of 20. From there we will have a clearer picture to develop the other equations. We suggest that you use all your effort to succeed in this incredible mathematical challenge.

Look very carefully at the illustration of this challenge. The umbrella and the beach ball are the only data we have to obtain the solution. In addition to the results that appear in each equation. If after several attempts and wasted seconds you were not able to obtain the solution, I will provide you with the answer below.

It’s time to test your intelligence with this mathematical challenge. Can you solve it? | Photo: genial.guru

After analyzing, we determined the following:

First equation:

Umbrella + beach ball = 16 + 4 = 20.

Second equation:

Umbrella x beach ball = 16 x 4 = 64

Third equation:

Umbrella + beach ball = 16 : 4 = 4.






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