Herd Of Elk Causes Sprawling 100-Car Traffic Jam In Estes Park, Colorado

Of all the excuses you could use for being late, blaming it on a herd of elk sounds a little far fetched, does it not?

I guess it depends on what part of the country you live in, and it would probably be a worthy excuse for those living in or near Estes Park, Colorado. Plus, these people that were stuck in an “elk jam” have video evidence to prove it.

And to all those people that say they couldn’t live in a city because of the traffic, what do you have to say now? I know this probably doesn’t happen too often, but this goes to show that gridlock can occur even in the most rural of areas.

Vehicles were bumper to bumper for what looks like a good mile as the elk herd took over the road and brought almost every single car to a stop. As people often do when they get into standstill traffic, many drivers started to get out of their cars and looking to see what the hold up was all about.

That probably doesn’t bode well with many National Park guidelines, which advises tourists to provide at least a 25 yard cushion between yourself and wild animals.

However, the elk didn’t seem to mind all that much, and we’re really just living in their own little world as they occupied the street and inadvertently caused a lengthy backup on the road.

The video is overlayed with the caption:

“Number one cause of Estes Park traffic jams… Elk!”

Even though the antlered animal caused a stoppage, and a large one at that, everyone in the reply section of the post were pretty positive about the whole thing. I guess it’s because they weren’t the ones held up in a traffic jam:

Thank you, Captain Obvious…






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