Exercise for all eventualities: Kochel mountain rescue evacuates gondola of the Herzogstandbahn

Last updated: 18.10.2023, 06:00 a.m.

By: Andreas Baar


The Herzogstandbahn became a training ground: The Kochl mountain rescue service, supported by comrades from Benediktbeuern and Penzberg, practiced the evacuation of a gondola. © Kochel Mountain Rescue Service

Kochel – Special night exercise at the Kochel mountain rescue service: The volunteers trained the evacuation of a gondola with the Herzogstandbahn.

On Friday (13 October), the active members of the Kochl Mountain Rescue Service trained together with the employees of the Herzogstandbahn to rescue passengers from a gondola. This scenario occurs as soon as the plant’s drives have failed and cannot be quickly restarted.

All passengers are lowered to the ground in the event of a standstill and brought to safe terrain by the mountain rescue service. © Kochel Mountain Rescue Service

Recovery system is used

All passengers must then be lowered to the ground with the recovery system of the Herzogstandbahn and brought to safe terrain by the mountain rescue service. However, a lot of personnel are needed for the exercise – which is why the Kochler activists were happy about the participation of mountain rescue comrades from Benediktbeuern (one active member) and Penzberg (four active members).

At the end of the night exercise, the final meeting was “very positive”, according to the mountain rescue service. Accordingly, the active participants ended the exercise with a joint snack. The active members regularly train this mission at the Herzogstandbahn. “We are well prepared for the worst-case scenario,” the volunteers can report.






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