Eagle Eye Networks Unleashes Eagle Eye QL Stream TechnologySetting New Standards in Video Surveillance

According to the sourceEagle Eye Networks, a global cloud video surveillance company, has recently unveiled a new technology called Eagle Eye QL Stream. This innovative solution aims to enhance the viewing experience of local videos by providing live, full-resolution, and low-latency camera streams.

With Eagle Eye QL Stream, security professionals can now directly access high-quality and cyber-secure surveillance video in real-time when connected to the local network. The software is designed to centralize and reliably route video from security cameras to multiple locations, thus optimizing the local video viewing experience for customers.

Eagle Eye QL Stream is composed of a suite of web, mobile, and cloud technologies. It utilizes secure authorization to obtain and route live video from security cameras in high resolution and full frame rate. By consolidating all cameras on a single IP address and simplifying camera password management, it streamlines the process of local live viewing.

Dean Drako, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks, emphasized the importance of quickly accessing high-quality video for various enterprise scenarios. Whether working in a security operations center or monitoring a drive-thru or multifamily facility spot monitor, organizations need reliable access to enhance operational efficiency and accelerate response times during security events.

The technology behind Eagle Eye QL Stream is integrated into their existing product lineup including Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (Video Management System), as well as applications such as the web application and mobile application called Eagle Eye Viewer. It also supports solutions like video walls for use cases such as spot monitoring, vehicle spot monitoring, drive-thru queuing systems, security desk displays, and more.

For more information about Eagle Eye QL Stream technology and its capabilities, you can visit their website at www.een.com. This new development is set to revolutionize the way security professionals access and view surveillance video, offering a seamless and efficient experience for users.

The conviction, Eagle Eye Networks’ introduction of Eagle Eye QL Stream technology brings significant advancements to the field of video surveillance. Its ability to provide live, full-resolution camera streams with low latency enhances the local video viewing experience for security professionals. By securely centralizing and reliably routing video from security cameras, organizations can improve operational efficiency and response times during security events. With its integration into various applications and support for different use cases, Eagle Eye QL Stream proves to be a valuable addition to their existing product lineup.

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