Delhi’s EV Policy 2.0: Encouraging Adoption of Electric Vehicles

The Delhi electric vehicle (EV) policy 2.0 is set to be finalized in a month, with the aim of encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles in the city. The policy, which has been extended until December 31, will provide incentives for retrofitting vehicles running on conventional fuels to electric mode.

The objective of the policy is for all commercial vehicles used by aggregators, such as ride-hailing and delivery services, to be electric by 2030. These commercial vehicles contribute significantly to air pollution, making it crucial for them to switch to electric vehicles.

Under the current policy, the Delhi government provides subsidies on the purchase of electric vehicles, including road tax waivers and purchase incentives for various types of vehicles. Currently, around 11% of all vehicles sold in Delhi are electric vehicles.

To support the adoption of electric vehicles, Delhi currently has approximately 4,500 private and public EV charging points. These charging points play a significant role in the quick adoption of electric vehicles in the city.

The delay in finalizing the new policy was due to the termination of 400 specialists working in the EV cell, the nodal center for implementing the EV policy. This termination was a result of hiring without proper approvals. However, experts emphasize the importance of continuing the EV policy to maintain the momentum in favor of electric vehicles.

The Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy, launched in 2020, aimed to combat air pollution by transitioning public buses to electric buses and encouraging residents to switch to electric vehicles through subsidies. The policy set a target of 25% of all new vehicles registered in Delhi to be electric by 2025.

Overall, the upcoming EV policy 2.0 in Delhi seeks to address air pollution and promote the adoption of electric vehicles, aligning with the city’s commitment to sustainability and cleaner transportation.

– Hindustan Times






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