Copilot, AI feature is accessible to more people with Windows 11 2023 update

More Windows users will be able to buy the Microsoft artificial intelligence tool Copilot, as soon it has begun rolling out its Windows 11 2023 update.

The company already made Copilot available in September, presumably because it had to be an special preview release. It was meant that most Windows users didn’t actually have access into the new feature directly from this particular site yet again? Now, the Windows 11 2023 update (also called 23H2) will change.

Copilot, for those who don’t know well enough or familiar with all of this data is an AI tool built in Windows 11. The user can summon the icon or turn on the keyboard and take a chance. It turns on a table which goes up right beside your computer’s screen and you can interact with that by typing in the chatbox. Anyone who plays with Microsofts Bing Chat tool is looking pretty home when getting Windows Copilot.

As well as Copilot, the 23H2 update brings other new features including ones already in stock although also they arrived early for some people at that time of September. There are new AI-related features in Paint, Photos and Snipping Tool. As well as the improvements to File Explorer’s color screen system with full colour support for RGB lighting systems etc on this page is a feature of the new AI.

The Vergealso notes that the 23H2-Update includes a new system label for some components and they now appear in an updated section. Many of Microsoft’s built-in apps, such as the Store and Gamebar. Lastly, Microsoft is looking at giving people permission to remove them in the future.

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Source: Engadget, The Verge.






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