Coca-Cola’s AI-Powered Festival Experience Turns Music Fans Into Pop Stars

This past summer, Coca-Cola experimented with generative AI with a festival experience that transformed music fans into pop stars at popular shows like GovBall, Lollapalooza and its proprietary Sips & Sounds festival. According to CM sister pub Event Marketer, the Coke AI Studio, an extension of its Coke Studio global music platform, lets participants create a shareable, 35-second music video featuring their new, AI-generated pop star identity—complete with an artist name, first track, album art and the video assets itself.

“AI is really interesting, and we’re seeing a lot of really great ways to create more immersive and customized experiences,” Ryan Keen, senior marketing manager at Coca-Cola told Event Marketer. “We’ve done programs outside of festivals, for example, with our sponsorship of the Drake [concert] tour, where we’re using AI to enable fans to immerse themselves in a version of the Sprite commercial that Drake did with us. So it creates much more customized creative that couldn’t otherwise be done on a manual basis at scale,” he said.

Event Marketer has the story—including activation touchpoints, a rundown of its creative technologies, content licensing challenges, and more.






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