Celebrate World Space Week with Little Tikes

World Space Week is here (4th-10th October) and what better way for little
astronauts to launch their imaginations than with the brand-new Little Tikes
Adventure Rocket!

little tikes

So many kids dream of becoming an astronaut, space explorer, astronomer or rocket
scientist when they grow up and now, they don’t have to wait! Little ones can blast off on an adventure with The Little Tikes Adventure Rocket, suitable for budding astronauts aged 2+.

Children can travel through space and see the stars and planets with this realistic role play toy, featuring an array of activities that make exploring the universe fun. Children can pilot the starship, look through the telescope, fix wires on the exterior maintenance panel or crawl through the escape hatch. The swivel chair and star viewer screen will make them feel like they’re flying through the galaxy.

little tikes

With the realistic lights and sounds, a control centre with game activity and all the other
features, there is so much to do and explore. The Little Tikes Adventure Rocket is big enough for 2-3
children making it perfect for collaborative play all year round, both indoors and outdoors!

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