AAOpt 2023: The perfect presbyopic patient

Jade Coats, OD, caught up with Optometry Times®‘ during the 2023 American Academy of Optometry meeting in New Orleans to share a brief overview of a presbyopia poster she was presenting.

Editor’s note: This transcript has been lightly edited for clarity.

Jade Coats, OD:

My name is Jade Coats. I’m an optometrist practicing in Northwest Arkansas at McDonald Eye Associates.

At Academy here in New Orleans this week I plan to present on behalf of Orasis regarding some really interesting poster information, some post-hoc data that actually is really helping us understand better the perfect demographics for the presbyopia drops.

Some key takeaways are that surprisingly, but also not surprisingly, there might be a perfect person. And clinically speaking, we know that evaluating the best-corrected distance near acuity is really going to be an important factor in determining who’s the best patient for this presbyopia drop.

The next step for this research would be to launch the product and obviously to get our hands on it, get it into the clinics, get it into the patient’s hands and have them try it.

Presbyopia has been around; it’s not going anywhere. It affects every human blessed to have enough birthdays and so now we have an alternative treatment option and it’s just really exciting times but that has to do with pharmaceuticals.






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