A Startup Develops a Camper Attachment for the Tesla Cybertruck

A Startup Develops a Camper Attachment for the Tesla Cybertruck

Space Campers, a startup company, has unveiled a prototype for a camper attachment designed specifically for the Tesla Cybertruck. Priced at $24,000, this accessory aims to provide Cybertruck owners with the ultimate camping experience.

Since May 2022, Space Campers has been accepting $100 refundable reservations from interested customers. This demonstrates the high demand for practical and innovative accessories that can complement and enhance the functionality of the Cybertruck.

Tesla has faced several delays in the production and delivery of the Cybertruck, but the company has scheduled a delivery event for November 30, 2022. This event will mark the official release of the highly anticipated electric pickup truck.

The camper attachment from Space Campers offers an exciting addition to the Cybertruck, allowing owners to have a comfortable and convenient camping experience. With a price tag of $24,000, it is evident that this accessory offers premium features and high-quality materials.

For those who enjoy spending time outdoors and have a passion for camping, the camper attachment provides a practical solution. It is designed to fit seamlessly with the Cybertruck, ensuring a cohesive and stylish appearance.

Overall, Space Campers has developed an innovative product that caters to the growing demand for accessories that enhance the functionality of electric vehicles. With the increasing popularity of the Tesla Cybertruck, this camper attachment offers a unique opportunity for owners to enjoy both the thrill of adventure and the luxury of comfort.

Sources: Space Campers


  1. Camper attachment: An accessory designed to be attached to a vehicle, such as the Tesla Cybertruck, to provide additional living or storage space for camping purposes.
  2. Tesla Cybertruck: An all-electric pickup truck produced by Tesla Inc.






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