WWT awarded £20,000 grant

The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) has been granted £20,000 to support its Blue Recovery Fund and enable the creation and restoration of UK wetlands.

The funding came from Benefact Group’s Movement for Good Awards, with the charity hoping the donation will help it reach its goal of creating and restoring 100,000 ha of wetlands across the UK by 2050.

The grant will go towards developing and restoring new wetlands (Jonathan Bull).

Head of Philanthropy and Partnerships at WWT, Pete Lee, said: “We will use the funding to help create a wetland habitat at The Meads in Bridgwater. We are also looking into research work, at mapping the entire UK and where wetlands could be created and where they would make the most impact.

“87% of the UK’s wetlands have been lost over the past 300 years. Each small project becomes a case study which encourages investment and landowners to take action, and work towards our big target.”






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