The cosmic adventure in Star Trek: Infinite, which is now available for PC and Mac customers; will be released today!

Paradox Interactive and Nimble Giant Entertainment released the sci-fi game Star Trek: Infinite today for PCs or Mac as well. In the Star Trek grand strategy game, players have a chance to manage one of four major factions in this galaxy and make tough decisions through new gameplay.

Star Trek: Infinite is a monumental achievement for our team at Nimble Giant Entertainment. Star Trek: Infinite, built to the core of every chapter in the game and created a unique experience that appeals equally for long-time fans.

Martin Cao, CEO of Nimble Giant Entertainment.

We were working very closely with Paramount, to get this game better than the complex world of Star Trek. This is a true journey, to the heart of Star Trek universes where players can shape galaxy fate through strategy.

Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive.






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