The Best Freshdesk Features for Enhanced Productivity

Are you wondering which Freshdesk features are best for boosting agent productivity and enhancing customer satisfaction scores? You’re in the right place. Freshdesk, as part of the FreshWorks ecosystem, is one of the most popular omnichannel customer service tools available today.

With the Freshdesk customer service software, companies can quickly manage, prioritize, and resolve support tickets at scale. However, the solution doesn’t just power fantastic customer experiences. It also offers a unified workspace to boost agent productivity and engagement.

More than just your average ticketing tool, Freshdesk has evolved into an intelligent solution for customer service and collaboration. Today, we’re looking at some of the best Freshdesk features for enhancing agent productivity.

Freshdesk Features for Improved Agent Productivity

Freshdesk is one of the critical services offered by the FreshWorks brand, alongside Freshservice for business team management and Freshsales for sales teams. It’s available as a standalone helpdesk system or as part of the Freshworks “Customer Service suite.”

Though the platform offers many practical features for boosting agent performance, some solutions are specifically well-suited to help companies reach their productivity goals. Here are just some of our favorite Freshdesk features worth exploring right now.

1. Freddy AI

Freddy AI is an intuitive artificial intelligence solution that works alongside Freshdesk and various other Freshworks solutions. The agent-facing AI solution supports a range of use cases. For instance, companies can create their own “Assist bot” for agents using a no-code builder. This bot then delivers consistent support and guidance through customer service interactions.

Freddy can also use machine learning to automatically suggest new ticket fields for customer service requests, making it easier to route and prioritize incoming tickets. Plus, built-in generative AI tools allow Freddy to recognize customer queries and suggest solution articles in response.

Freddy AI also includes a canned response suggester and a “Thank You” detector to help pinpoint happy consumers. Moreover, there’s a “Social Signals” feature for social listening, helping companies to gauge customer sentiment towards their brand.

2. Freshdesk Features for Ticket Management

Freshdesk is one of the most innovative support ticket management tools available. Numerous Freshdesk features can help organizations manage and organize tickets more effectively. For instance, the Freshdesk team inbox automatically contains tickets based on pre-set triggers.

It even includes agent collision detection to stop multiple agents from working on the same ticket simultaneously. There are also helpful scenario automation solutions that allow agents to perform various actions with a single click.

Freshdesk’s features for ticket management also include automatic ticket field suggestions, canned responses, and SLA management tools with deadline suggestions.

3. Freshdesk Ticket Dispatch and Assignment

As well as making it easier to manage tickets and automate various response actions, Freshdesk features a range of tools for ticket dispatch and assignment. The ticket dispatch service allows companies to assign agent tickets based on keywords or other properties automatically.

Plus, you can use AI solutions to assign agent tickets based on their skill or current workload. Companies can even set up workflows triggered by time or events. For instance, after an agent fails to respond to a ticket within a specific time, you can send an instant notification or reminder.

The Freshdesk solution also has “omniroute” capabilities to assign emails, chats, and calls to agents based on various factors.

4. Freshdesk features for self-service

We’ve already mentioned the Freddy AI features for Freshdesk self-service, but the platform also offers a wide range of additional options. For instance, companies can create their own help widget and embed it into their website to guide customers to knowledgebase articles.

You can also design pop-up notifications for customers as they browse your website, reducing the need to search for answers on blogs and guide pages. Agents can even convert ticket replies into knowledgebase articles to help expand your self-service resources.

Solution article analytics with insights into the number of views, likes, and dislikes make it easier to see which resources drive the highest customer satisfaction. Authors can be automatically notified when their articles receive feedback, so they know when to make updates.

5. Freshdesk custom portals

Speaking of the Freshdesk features for intuitive self-service, companies can create unique support portals to empower their consumers. These portals can be designed to feature all of the knowledgebase articles, chatbots, and other tools customers might need.

Plus, companies can even create customer segments, which allow them to make more personalized support experiences for different groups of users. The custom portals can feature custom ticket forms and even your business URL for branding purposes.

These advanced portals and forms reduce the need for customers to reach out to agents for human guidance, giving employees more time to focus on other tasks.

6. Freshdesk features for analytics

One of the best ways to boost productivity for Freshdesk users is with insights into crucial KPIs and metrics. The Freshdesk “analytics” solution provides access to custom and curated reports for different use cases. You can leverage customer satisfaction reports with insights into feedback.

Plus, you can automatically send custom and default reports to employees using Freshdesk’s built-in report scheduling tools. For employees in the remote, hybrid, and office landscape, there are even real-time dashboards to help boost motivation and engagement.

These dashboards are customizable to feature the data most useful to your teams. Plus, they include valuable visualizations to make analyzing trends easier.

7. Freshdesk Customizable Agent Experiences

Different employees need unique features from their helpdesk and ticketing tools. That’s why Freshdesk features a range of ways to personalize the agent experience. Companies can assign different permissions to employees based on their roles and responsibilities.

They can also allow employees to customize their dashboards and workflows with custom objects, triggers, and notification options. Freshdesk users can also use no-code and low-code builders to create and integrate automated workflows for teams.

The easy-to-use building tools in the Freshdesk ecosystem make it easy to align data and the tools employees already use for end-to-end efficiency improvements.

8. Identity and Access Management

For employees to stay productive in any customer service environment, they need to be able to access crucial tools quickly and easily without compromising on security. Freshdesk supports custom SSL certificates, allowing for domain security within every interaction.

However, companies can also make it easier for employees to leverage the tools they need wherever they are. Business leaders can whitelist IP ranges, or link their technology to a virtual private network.

Freshdesk also supports single-sign-on options. This means agents and other users can log into the platform using other account credentials.

9. Freshdesk Apps and Integrations

Finally, while many Freshdesk features are already built into the platform to improve productivity, you can also take your team’s performance to the next level with integrations. The Freshdesk app marketplace comes with numerous one-click integrations for critical tools.

You can instantly link Freshdesk to Microsoft Teams for extensive collaboration and meeting capabilities. There are also integrations for Kanban board software, to-do list tools, Atlassian Jira Plus, Google Calendar, and Shopify.

With quick and straightforward integrations and API access, companies can build an all-in-one environment for team productivity within the Freshworks ecosystem.

Amazing Freshdesk Features for Agent Productivity

Combining artificial intelligence with collaboration tools and ticket management, Freshdesk is a powerful tool for boosting employee productivity. The features above represent just some of the solutions you can leverage to unlock new levels of performance in your team.

Of course, you can also align Freshdesk with the other tools in the Freshworks portfolio, such as the Freshcaller, for automatic dialling or Freshsales for contextual sales.






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