Share, swap and donate your plants easily with this new app

The world of gardening, whether you are a novice or an expert, is full of enthusiasts who want to expand their plant collection. From now on, Meet for Branch is an ally of choice to satisfy this thirst for plant blossoming. This innovative app is dedicated to sharing, donating, and exchanging plants, cuttings, seeds, and more. Accessible on Google Play and the App Store, Meet for Branch is positioned as a platform dedicated to creating a supportive community of gardening enthusiasts while encouraging the circular economy.

A community of plant enthusiasts

Over the years, plant enthusiasts have met online to exchange seeds and cuttings. However, Meet for Branch offers a more complete experience. This app connects plant lovers with unparalleled friendliness, intuitiveness, and modernity. It promotes the sharing, donation, and exchange of plants while allowing users to enrich their collection and benefit from invaluable gardening tips. The main goal of this app is to make plants more accessible and cultivate solidarity within the gardening community. With its innovative features, users can quickly find cuttings, seeds, and gardening accessories. Thus, the app promotes the circular economy by encouraging the sustainable sharing of resources.

An easy-to-use app

Meet for Branch is easy to use and completely free. Once the app is downloaded, plant lovers are invited to create their account in a few quick steps. To start sharing their collection, all they need to do is take pictures of their plants, post an ad, and then wait to be contacted by a member of the community. Geolocation, zip codes, and cities allow users to narrow their search to find nearby plant lovers. Once contact is made, users meet to exchange, give or receive plants, creating an enjoyable and friendly sharing experience.

If you’re interested in sharing monstera cuttings, swapping tomato seeds, or just meeting other gardening enthusiasts in your area, this app is a great option. It allows you to become part of an active community and participate in a more nature-friendly business model.






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