Save Money on Energy Bills with a Plug-In Heater

Save Money on Energy Bills with a Plug-In Heater

In a bid to cut down on energy costs, many people have been avoiding using their tumble dryers due to the high energy prices in the UK. However, a mum named Chrissy has recently shared a clever hack on TikTok that allows her to dry her clothes without the need for a tumble dryer.

Chrissy revealed that she uses a plug-in heater as an alternative to the energy-intensive tumble dryer. She places the heater under a clothes rack and covers the clothes with a towel. According to Chrissy, her clothes are dry in around 90 minutes and smell great after using the heater. The plug-in heater she uses is available for only £17 at Tesco.

TikTok users were impressed by this money-saving hack, with one user stating that they use a similar method by using a heated clothes airer in conjunction with a plug-in heater. Another user suggested hanging clothes over two rails to improve airflow and drying efficiency.

In addition to this ingenious hack, an engineering lecturer named Peter Brown has also shared valuable advice on how to save money on energy bills. He explains that sludge and debris hidden in radiators can decrease their efficiency, causing bills to increase by up to 25%. By cleaning the inside of radiators, air circulation can improve, resulting in quicker heating and potential savings of up to £450 on energy bills.

Taking these simple steps to minimize energy costs can make a significant difference in household expenses. It’s essential to be aware of alternative methods, like Chrissy’s plug-in heater hack, and take care of our heating systems to ensure maximum efficiency.

– TikTok/@chrissy.j.xx
– Engineering lecturer Peter Brown






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