Rockford Fosgate names managing director

Rockford Fosgate has appointed Zach Luke as the managing director of the company. With an extensive background in leadership and a proven track record of success, Luke delivers experience and vision to the company.

“Zach has worked within multiple segments of our business, giving him perspective from various vantage points which has allowed him to develop a solid foundation for the fundamentals,” says Bill Jackson, President of Rockford Fosgate. “The basics never get old and with Zach’s unique ability to create, lead, and adapt, I’m excited to work with him on developing the next evolution of the Rockford Fosgate brand.”

Luke is no stranger to leading with distinction. As an invaluable contributor to Rockford Fosgate, he has been a critical component of the brand’s DNA with 20 years of dedicated service across the organization. His insights and expertise will drive the company to new levels of excellence.

“It’s said that it’s all about the journey, and I can attest that the effort put in to living out your passion is where the true reward is,” Luke says. “I have genuinely been affected by Rockford Fosgate since I was a teenager… So to play an influential role in writing the next chapters, working alongside the talent within the walls today isn’t just a box that needs to be checked…it’s a responsibility to represent those before me and ensure the legacy.”

As the managing director of Rockford Fosgate, Luke will be responsible for leadership, strategic planning, and organizational alignment. He will be responsible for shaping the future of Rockford Fosgate and ensuring continued success and growth.






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