Retired Veteran Makes Model Y Performance His Home in Alaska

Retired Veteran Makes Model Y Performance His Home in Alaska

A retired veteran in Alaska has made a courageous change of scenery by living out of his Tesla Model Y Performance. James, who retired from active duty, decided that he wanted to explore the world and break free from the constraints of a traditional home. In his quest for freedom, he realized that spending money on a house he rarely used was not a wise financial decision.

James embraced the nomad lifestyle and decided that the Model Y Performance was the perfect vehicle to serve as his mobile home. After modifying it as a weekend getaway car, he made further additions to transform it into a comfortable living space. The compact EV, with a maximum range of 303 miles, can accommodate two adults and features a retractable mini-kitchen, a pantry, and even a shower.

Living as a global citizen has become an attractive option for those with the means and flexibility to work from anywhere. The nomadic lifestyle allows individuals to experience different parts of the world without being tied down to a specific location. James’ decision to live in his Model Y Performance not only provides him with the freedom to explore but also reduces his housing expenses and environmental impact.

While living out of an electric vehicle may not suit everyone, James’ story serves as an inspiring example of alternative living arrangements. With advancements in technology and the growing availability of charging infrastructure, all-electric vehicles are proving to be reliable and practical options for those seeking unconventional lifestyles.


– Everyday Sandro on YouTube | Edited

– Avram Dorfman via Instagram


– EV: Electric vehicle

– EPA: Environmental Protection Agency






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