Nissan Unveils Third EV Concept, the Hyper Tourer

Nissan Unveils Third EV Concept, the Hyper Tourer

Nissan has revealed its third electric vehicle (EV) concept, the Hyper Tourer, ahead of the Japan Mobility Show. This unveiling follows the Hyper Urban EV concept and the Hyper Adventure SUV concept that were introduced earlier this month. The Hyper Tourer is a futuristic minivan design targeted at those who appreciate luxury and enjoy traveling with friends and associates.

The concept incorporates the Japanese idea of omotenashi, meaning “Japanese hospitality,” in its design. It features autonomous capabilities, vehicle-to-everything (V2X) functionality, and a high-capacity battery pack. The interior of the Hyper Tourer showcases traditional Japanese kumiko and koushi patterns in the overhead console and lighting, while flat LED panels on the floor display a riverbed and the sky.

Notable interior features include front seats that can swivel 360 degrees, allowing for face-to-face discussions between front and rear passengers. Rear-seat passengers can use a wearable display to access navigation and audio functions on the front-seat center display, creating a sense of unity among all occupants. An innovative AI system in the Hyper Tourer can monitor biometric signs and automatically select complementary music and adjust lighting based on the occupants’ mood.

The Hyper Tourer will be showcased alongside the other two Hyper concept EVs at the Japan Mobility Show, starting from October 25. Additionally, the three models will be featured in a music video that will also debut on the same day.

Sources: Nissan
Definitions: EV – Electric Vehicle, V2X – Vehicle-to-Everything (technology that enables communication between vehicles and various other devices)






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