New Workplace Furnishings by Narbutas on Display

New Workplace Furnishings by Narbutas on Display

Narbutas, a Lithuanian office furniture manufacturer, has unveiled a range of new workplace furnishings as part of the Arqus collection on Dezeen Showroom. The collaboration with Italian design studio Orlandini Design led to the creation of the Arqus desk, which aims to reimagine traditional executive and home office desks. The desk features splayed metal legs and is available in symmetrical or L-shaped variations, the latter incorporating a fixed pedestal with shelving and storage.

Narbutas has also introduced the Parthos acoustic column to its range of products. These columns feature PET felt cladding made from 50% recycled plastic and come in various neutral-colored finishes. They not only provide noise-dampening properties but also offer optional accessories such as coat hooks, charging outlets, and integrated planters.

The D-Chair, designed in collaboration with Italian duo Baldanzi & Novell, is another addition to Narbutas’ portfolio. This mesh-backed chair is available in both executive and task versions, with a range of color combinations for the frame and mesh, allowing for customization to suit different interior design schemes.

In addition, Narbutas has introduced the Choice lockers, offering a customizable alternative to traditional office lockers. These lockers can be specified with doors made from various materials, including metal and wood. The lockers can be fitted with conventional code-accessed locks or swipe card systems, with the option to integrate open storage spaces for hanging coats and seating nooks.

The Combus shelving system, another versatile storage solution by Narbutas, acts as both a room divider and shelving for open-plan workplaces. These shelving units can be configured in different layouts and combinations, with the option to include features such as presentation screens, planters, and integrated bookends.

Narbutas is a well-established workplace furniture manufacturer with showrooms in various countries, including the UK, US, France, Germany, and Lithuania. The brand frequently collaborates with renowned product, furniture, and industrial designers and studios.


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