New Renewable Fuel Station in Ireland Paves the Way for Sustainable Transportation

Certa, a fuel supplier in Ireland, has taken a significant step towards promoting sustainable transportation with the opening of its innovative “Forecourt of the Future” in Liffey Valley. The fuel station, which cost over €1 million to build, is the first in Ireland to offer Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) alongside traditional diesel and petrol options.

HVO, a renewable alternative to diesel, is produced from waste plant matter and can be used without any modifications to existing vehicles or engines. By utilizing HVO, motorists can potentially reduce their carbon emissions by up to 90%. Certa has launched an extensive plan to upgrade its network of 41 forecourts across the country, ensuring that HVO is readily available to consumers.

With a commitment to making HVO accessible to all motorists, Certa aims to complete the upgrading process of its entire network by the end of 2024. Andrew Graham, the Managing Director of Certa Ireland, emphasized the importance of simplifying the transition to renewable fuels, stating, “Our goal is to make it easy for motorists to transition to HVO as a renewable alternative to diesel and to make this biofuel as accessible as we can to help motorists reduce their carbon footprint.”

To further reduce its carbon emissions, Certa has also embraced solar energy. The company has begun installing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels across its forecourts, with five stations already equipped with this renewable energy source. By generating their own power, Certa aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 or potentially even sooner.

With the successful introduction of HVO at its Liffey Valley forecourt, Certa has positioned this renewable fuel on equal footing with other traditional fuels. By closely matching the price of HVO with diesel, Certa aims to achieve price parity in the future. This strategy is aimed at encouraging motorists to choose the more sustainable option without incurring additional costs.

Through these initiatives, Certa is not only leading the way in promoting sustainable transportation but also inspiring other businesses and events to adopt renewable fuel alternatives. From Amazon Web Services to Electric Picnic, a growing number of influential organizations have embraced HVO as a means to reduce their environmental impact.


Q: What is HVO?
A: HVO, or Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, is a renewable alternative to diesel fuel that is produced from waste plant matter. It can be used without any modifications to existing vehicles or engines.

Q: How does HVO help reduce carbon emissions?
A: By using HVO instead of traditional diesel, motorists can potentially lower their carbon emissions by up to 90%.

Q: What is Certa doing to promote renewable fuels?
A: Certa is upgrading its network of forecourts across Ireland to offer HVO alongside other fuels, making it more accessible to motorists. The company is also installing solar PV panels to generate its own power and reduce carbon emissions.

Q: Does Certa plan to achieve price parity between HVO and diesel?
A: Yes, Certa aims to close the price gap between HVO and diesel by closely matching the prices and eventually achieving price parity in the future.






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