New Charging Infrastructure Connects Ventura County to Clean Energy Future

Clean Power Alliance, a not-for-profit electricity provider, announced the expansion of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in Ventura County. The project aims to improve public health, sustainability, and access to clean vehicles for all residents. Ted Bardacke, CEO of Clean Power Alliance, emphasized the significance of this initiative, stating that it will set the county on a course towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.

The project includes generous rebates for the installation of both DC Fast and Level 2 chargers in commercial spaces. Rebates are highest for installations in low-income and disadvantaged communities, with up to $80,000 available per publicly accessible DC fast charger and up to $6,000 per Level 2 connector. This incentive program has already led to the installation of 146 Level 2 chargers and 8 DC fast chargers throughout Ventura County, with plans for an additional 259 Level 2 connectors and 30 DC fast chargers over the next 17 months.

The success of the program was celebrated at Arroyo Vista Community Park in Moorpark, where EV charging stations funded by the initiative have been fully operational for a year. The park’s stations recorded 125 charging sessions from July to September 2023, demonstrating a strong demand for public charging infrastructure in the area. These chargers can provide more than 25 miles of range per hour of charging and have proven to be essential in meeting the growing need for EV charging outlets.

In addition to commercial spaces, the City of Moorpark has also installed EV chargers at its Metrolink station, further enhancing accessibility for EV owners. Moorpark Mayor Chris Enegren expressed gratitude for the grant funding that allowed the city to provide these valuable services for residents and visitors alike.

The Ventura County Air Pollution Control District (VCAPCD) has also contributed funding to the charging infrastructure project. To date, their investment of over $1.3 million has resulted in the installation of 18 DC Fast Chargers with 36 connectors. Fourteen of these charging stations are located in low-income and disadvantaged communities, which are particularly vulnerable to air pollution from transportation sources.

The project marks a significant step forward in Ventura County’s journey towards zero-emission transportation. Ali Reza Ghasemi, Executive Officer for the VCAPCD, expressed pride in being a stakeholder contributor to this initiative and looks forward to the continued expansion of electric vehicle adoption in the area.

Ventura County Supervisor Janice Parvin, who represents District 4, expressed her pride in the county’s investment in clean energy innovations. She believes that projects like this are crucial for improving the lives of all stakeholders and creating a brighter future for Ventura County.

Clean Power Alliance, founded in 2017, is the leading electricity provider for 30 cities across Los Angeles County and Ventura County. They serve approximately three million residents and businesses, providing clean renewable energy at competitive rates.

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