Mercedes-Benz reveals the eActro

Mercedes-Benz reveals the eActro

Mercedes-Benz Trucks has finally launched the highly anticipated eActros 600 long-haul battery electric truck, boasting an impressive range of 500km. The truck features a new 800V electric axle with twin electric motors and a 4-speed transmission, specifically developed in-house for this vehicle. These motors generate a continuous output of 400kW and a peak output of 600kW.

The eActros 600 is equipped with three lithium iron phosphate cell technology (LFP) batteries, each with a capacity of 207kWh. The combined capacity of these batteries is 621kWh, giving the truck its ‘600’ designation. LFP batteries are known for their long service life, and Mercedes claims that even after 1.2 million km and 10 years of operation, they will still retain 80% of their health.

The truck offers CCS charging with up to 400kW, but it can also be future-proofed with the pre-installation of megawatt charging (MCS). Once this technology becomes widely available, the batteries can be charged from 20% to 80% in just 30 minutes, although the current charging time is less than an hour.

One of the factors contributing to the truck’s impressive 500km range is the new ‘ProCabin’ cab design. The cab features an 80mm protrusion at the front, allowing for better streamlining. The ProCabin also includes a completely closed and rounded-off front bonnet, a redesigned bumper with underbody panelling, revised access steps and doors, air deflectors on the A-pillars, and new LED headlamps. These changes result in a 9% drag coefficient improvement over the current diesel-powered Actros.

Despite the eActros 600 costing approximately two-and-a-half times the price of an equivalent diesel-powered Actros, Mercedes estimates that operators could achieve cost parity with diesel in around five years or at 600,000km. This calculation is based on countries like France and Germany, which have relatively low electricity costs and proposed CO2-based truck tolls.

Sales of both the eActros 600 4×2 tractors and multi-axle rigids will begin this year, with series production planned for the end of 2024. In the meantime, the first 50 prototype trucks are about to commence customer trials. Furthermore, the cab modifications seen in the eActros 600 will also be incorporated into the diesel-powered Actros L early next year.

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