Mercedes-Benz Partners with Simon to Bring Fast Charging to Shopping Malls

Mercedes-Benz is expanding its high-power charging network in North America, with a new partnership with Simon, the largest owner of shopping malls in the US. The automaker plans to install 55 charging hubs at Simon’s retail properties, providing convenient and fast EV charging for consumers.

Each Mercedes-branded charging hub will feature 8-10 DC fast chargers with dual CCS and NACS plugs. The number of chargers will vary depending on the location’s needs. These turnkey hubs will be powered by 100% clean energy, supporting Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to sustainable mobility.

Andrew Cornelia, the CEO of Mercedes-Benz HPC North America, emphasized the importance of retail integration in the EV charging experience. By strategically placing the charging hubs near amenities such as cafes and restaurants, Mercedes aims to make the charging process seamless and enjoyable for consumers. The selected malls will be conveniently located near highway corridors, making them easily accessible to both local and traveling EV drivers.

The partnership with Simon is a result of “dwell time consideration.” While a typical DC fast charge takes about half an hour, shoppers at malls often spend two or more hours there. By offering fast charging at shopping centers, Mercedes-Benz ensures that drivers can conveniently recharge their vehicles while enjoying the amenities available at the mall.

This collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and Simon reflects the growing trend of integrating EV charging infrastructure into retail spaces. As the number of EV drivers continues to increase, it’s crucial to provide convenient charging options that enhance the overall shopping experience. By bringing fast charging to shopping malls, Mercedes-Benz is setting a new standard for accessible and enjoyable EV charging.


Why is retail integration important in the EV charging experience?

Retail integration is vital in the EV charging experience because it enhances the overall convenience and enjoyment for drivers. By placing charging stations near amenities like cafes and restaurants, EV drivers can make the most of their charging time by relaxing or engaging in activities while their vehicles recharge.

What is the significance of the partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Simon?

The partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Simon signifies the increasing importance of integrating EV charging infrastructure into retail spaces. By installing charging hubs at shopping malls owned by Simon, Mercedes-Benz is providing a convenient and accessible charging solution for EV drivers, further supporting the growth of electric mobility.

How will the charging hubs be powered?

The charging hubs will be 100% powered by clean energy, aligning with Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to sustainability. By utilizing clean energy sources, the automaker ensures that the charging process is not only fast and convenient but also environmentally friendly.






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