lpmgCPA.com Launches Generative AI Toolkit and Resources

CPA.com, the business and technology subsidiary of the American Institute of CPAs, has added a suite of practical tools as part of its ongoing initiative to enable accounting and finance professionals to build their knowledge of generative AI and assess the opportunities and the risks of implementing the transformative technology into their practices. The GenAI initiative builds on CPA.com’s efforts to help practitioners successfully navigate technology’s impact on driving business model transformation and the evolution of practice areas.

“We believe that generative AI will have a significant impact on the accounting profession—more so than any other recent technology advancements,” said Erik Asgeirsson, president and CEO, CPA.com. “This new toolkit is just one of several ways we’re helping practitioners demystify its capabilities and share some very basic and practical use cases to help illustrate the possibilities.”

CPA.com’s Generative AI resources and tools can be accessed at www.cpa.com/Gen-AI and include:

  • Educational insights: Videos and other content to build awareness of the current AI landscape and strategies for optimizing GenAI’s potential in the accounting and finance profession.
  • Downloadable toolkit: A deep dive into both the opportunities and risks presented by GenAI, including use cases and a strategic 7-step plan for constructing a tailored AI strategy.
  • Use case tutorials: Walkthroughs designed for specific practice and business segments that illustrate how to effectively engage GenAI tools to achieve practical outcomes.
  • Security checklist: A guide outlining top security considerations and remediation recommendations.
  • GenAI glossary: Key terms to help navigate this emerging technology landscape.
  • Learning opportunities: Upcoming webinars and events to further build your GenAI knowledge.

“Our goal is to help practitioners consider the ‘How?’ and not just the theoretical possibilities for their specific practice needs,” said Kacee Johnson, VP, Strategy & Innovation, CPA.com. “Our hope is that through this initiative, practitioners begin to explore and better understand this emerging technology and the ways that they can leverage AI to reshape their daily work and create more value while maintaining a risk-averse approach.”

Additional efforts within the GenAI multi-part initiative include AI-focused sessions at Digital CPA 2023, including one led by innovation expert Pascal Finette that will allow attendees to map out their own GenAI implementations.

Additionally, the 2024 AICPA and CPA.com Startup Accelerator will feature an AI-specific cohort of forward-thinking, early stage companies, and an upcoming AI Symposium will bring together subject matter experts, firm leaders and AI solution providers to discuss the real and potential impacts of this technology on the profession.

For more information, visit www.cpa.com/Gen-AI and watch the recent webinar, “Generative AI, The Great Equalizer,” on demand now. The webinar provides a demonstration of various GenAI use cases specific to accounting firms and ways to leverage the emerging technology within their firms.






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