Hunter’s Point South Sculpture Garden Grand Opening

Artists Kenny Greenberg, Paul Maus, Erwin List SanchezSteven Speliotis

Culture Lab Dir. Edjo WheelerSteven Speliotis

ArtworkSteven Speliotis

ArtworkSteven Speliotis

ArtworkSteven Speliotis

TF Cornerstone and Culture Lab LIC came together to host a grand opening of the newly unveiled Hunter’s Point South Sculpture Garden. The event featured catering, drinks and live music, creating a perfect evening for the community to celebrate the occasion.

The highlight of the evening was the unveiling of three stunning sculptures, crafted by New York Artists Kenny Greenberg, Paul Maus and Erwin List Sanchez. The three artists made speeches and Jon McMillan, Senior Vice President and Director of Planning at TF Cornerstone, and Edjo Wheeler, the Executive Director of Culture Lab LIC, who played a pivotal role in the artist selection process, offered celebratory remarks.






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