Georgia Receives $249 Million Grant to Enhance Power Grid Resilience and Storage

A federal grant totaling $249 million has been awarded to the state of Georgia with the aim of preventing power outages and enhancing electricity storage on the grid. The funding will be channeled through a state agency and will ultimately benefit entities owned by electric cooperatives in the state. This grant, which was announced by U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, is part of the Grid Resilience and Innovation Partnerships Program. This program received $10.5 billion out of the $1.2 trillion allocated by Congress in 2021 for infrastructure development.

The funding for Georgia is part of a wider initiative, with $3.46 billion being allocated to 58 projects across 44 states. In the case of Georgia, Oglethorpe Power Corp., Georgia Transmission Corp., Georgia System Operations, and Green Power EMC have pledged a total of $507 million towards the projects, including the $250 million from the federal grant. These entities are jointly owned by 38 electric cooperatives in the state.

Georgia Transmission, as the company responsible for transmitting electricity to the cooperatives, will utilize over $300 million of the funding to construct 80 miles of additional transmission lines. This will allow for connected substations in southwest Georgia to have two lines instead of one, reducing the risk of power loss during line failures. Additionally, the company will install batteries at six substations to store electricity, providing an alternative source of power in the event of transmission line failures.

Meanwhile, Oglethorpe Power plans to allocate $160 million towards the construction of three separate 25-megawatt battery storage facilities. These facilities will be located at substations in Douglasville, Covington, and Duluth if approved by the cooperatives. The batteries will store excess power generated during peak solar generation periods, ensuring a more efficient and consistent supply of renewable energy.

In addition to these infrastructure projects, the grant includes advanced grid control systems that will help prevent outages and improve energy efficiency, ultimately leading to lower energy bills for consumers in Georgia.

– U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm
– Grid Resilience and Innovation Partnerships Program
– Oglethorpe Power Corp.
– Georgia Transmission Corp.
– Georgia System Operations
– Green Power EMC






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