Fashion Dreamer for Switch Seeks to Bring Creative Flair to Aspiring Fashionistas

Marvelous Europe has recently launched its latest title, Fashion Dreamer, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The game, which centres on fashion design and brand management, seeks to provide a rich experience for players looking to explore their creativity in the world of fashion.

Fashion Dreamer invites players to step into the shoes of an aspiring fashion influencer. The game boasts a high level of customization, offering hundreds of design options for creating unique outfits. Players can then showcase their creations to the world and build their brand by attracting ‘Likes’ from other in-game characters.

The gameplay of “Fashion Dreamer” focuses on the creation and sharing of fashion outfits using an avatar called a Muse. With a plethora of styles to choose from—ranging from comfortable casual wear to avant-garde haute couture—players can leave their mark in different in-game environments known as Cocoons. These spaces serve not only as catwalks for players to parade their latest fashion pieces but also as hubs to gather inspiration from other players’ designs, whether through online or offline play.

As indicated above, some degree of online functionality is present in Fashion Dreamer. Players will be able to connect their game world, Eve, online, allowing Muses to visit connected worlds, allowing designers to snag whatever outfits they’re wearing for themselves or look for inspiration for their next ensemble.

Developed by syn Sophia, Inc. and published by Marvelous Europe, Fashion Dreamer is now available for purchase exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. The title can be bought either as a physical copy at participating retailers or digitally via the Nintendo eShop. As an added incentive for those going the digital route, there will be a 10% discount on the Nintendo eShop in select regions until 20 November 2023. Additionally, the developers have also promised a host of free post-launch content to keep the game fresh and engaging. This content is expected to introduce new design patterns, customization options for showrooms, and innovative gameplay elements, although specific details will be released at a later date.






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