Domino’s New Delivery Bike: Setting a New Standard for Pizza Delivery

Attention pizza lovers! Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd is revolutionizing the pizza delivery game with their latest invention – the Domino’s DXB e-bike. This cutting-edge bike not only ensures your pizza arrives on time, but it also guarantees that it will be served piping hot.

The standout feature of the DXB e-bike is its built-in oven, aptly referred to as a “temperature-controlled pizza pod.” This innovative oven keeps the food at the optimal temperature while it is being delivered to your doorstep. No more lukewarm or soggy pizzas!

To address the challenge of maintaining food integrity during delivery, Domino’s has incorporated “space-age suspension” into the oven. This advanced suspension system minimizes the impact of the bike’s movement, reducing g-forces by an impressive 67%. This means your pizza stays intact and delicious, even in the face of intense forces.

Built on a standard e-bike frame, the Domino’s DXB delivery bike combines functionality with convenience. It features 20-inch wheels, a battery integrated into the downtube, and a rear hub-driven motor. Additional safety measures include a kickstand for stability during loading and unloading, as well as lights on the wheels to enhance visibility.

Unfortunately, this state-of-the-art delivery bike is currently available only in select markets served by Domino’s Pizza Enterprise (DPE), which includes Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Taiwan, and others. However, Domino’s locations in North America have already embraced e-bike technology, utilizing Rad Power e-bikes with insulated boxes for efficient and eco-friendly deliveries.

As pizza enthusiasts, we can’t help but hope that Domino’s will expand the availability of their DXB e-bike to the United States and beyond. The combination of thermal control, exceptional suspension, and reliable e-bike performance promises a game-changing delivery experience.


Q: Will the Domino’s DXB e-bike be available in the United States?
A: Currently, the e-bike is limited to Domino’s Pizza Enterprise (DPE) markets, but we hope to see it expand worldwide soon.

Q: How does the built-in oven preserve the temperature of the pizza?
A: The temperature-controlled pizza pod ensures that the pizza remains at the perfect temperature, maintaining its deliciousness until it reaches your hands.

Q: What makes the Domino’s DXB e-bike different from other delivery vehicles?
A: The e-bike’s advanced suspension system and integrated oven set it apart, providing a unique and efficient method of pizza delivery.






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