Creating Sustainable Living Spaces: A Harmonious Blend of Architecture and Nature

In the heart of Bari, a new residential project by Mario Cucinella Architects is reshaping the urban landscape. The project, known as MyCityBari, replaces the former Santa Lucia clinic and is part of the city’s broader urban regeneration plan. The architects behind the development aimed to create a sustainable living environment that enhances residents’ quality of life while fostering a sense of community.

Covering approximately 22,500 square meters, MyCityBari comprises three interconnected buildings that house 162 apartments, communal service rooms, ground-floor retail spaces, and underground parking. The project received construction approval from the Municipality of Bari and is a collaboration between Mario Cucinella Architects, Manelli Impresa S.p.a., and its subsidiary Vivia Re S.r.l.

One of the key objectives of MyCityBari is to integrate green spaces into the urban fabric. The project features a park for recreation and various outdoor areas designed to connect residents with nature. By acknowledging the importance of outdoor living, the development promotes community bonds and social connections. The architects have carefully considered the site’s perimeter, ensuring the architectural design blends harmoniously with the surrounding context.

To maximize natural light penetration and minimize energy consumption, the buildings are sculpted with ascending planted terraces. This design principle, known as “solar carving,” allows sunlight to reach even the lower levels of the complex. Overhangs provide passive energy strategies, shielding the interiors from direct solar radiation and reducing the need for mechanical cooling. Integrated greenery and light-colored surfaces further contribute to temperature moderation, ensuring comfortable outdoor living even in the face of rising temperatures and urban heat island phenomena.

MyCityBari strives to create an inviting atmosphere and strengthen communal bonds through a central courtyard enveloped by terraces and balconies. This space serves as a hub for socialization and a sense of belonging among residents. By seamlessly integrating nature into the architectural design, this project exemplifies how sustainable living spaces can enhance the lives of individuals while contributing to the broader urban renewal of a city.


1. How big is the MyCityBari project?

The MyCityBari project covers approximately 22,500 square meters and consists of three interconnected buildings.

2. What are the key features of MyCityBari?

The key features of MyCityBari include 162 apartments, communal service rooms, ground-floor retail spaces, underground parking, and various outdoor areas integrated with green spaces.

3. What is the concept behind the architectural design?

The architectural design of MyCityBari aims to achieve a harmonious blend of architecture and nature. The buildings are sculpted with ascending planted terraces to optimize sunlight penetration and reduce energy consumption.

4. How does MyCityBari address climate change effects?

MyCityBari incorporates design elements such as overhangs, integrated greenery, and light-colored surfaces to moderate temperatures. This approach ensures that outdoor living remains pleasant despite rising temperatures and urban heat island phenomena.

5. What is the significance of the central courtyard in MyCityBari?

The central courtyard of MyCityBari serves as a space for socialization and promotes a sense of belonging among residents. It is enveloped by terraces and balconies, creating an inviting atmosphere and scenic vistas.






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