Construction Underway at Former BJ’s Pizza Location in Lafayette

Signs of construction activity have been spotted at the former BJ’s Pizza House, located at 2484 W. Congress Street in Lafayette. The popular pizza joint, known for its rich history and dedicated clientele, closed its doors earlier this summer, leaving a void in the Lafayette dining scene. Now, the brown paper covering the windows, where customers once peeked in, hints at a new chapter for this beloved location.

The future of the site is anyone’s guess at the moment, with no official word yet on what might replace BJ’s Pizza House. While the possibility of a BJ’s Pizza House revival remains a tantalizing prospect for fans, there’s no confirmation of such plans. The closing of BJ’s was marked by overwhelming community support, with long lines of patrons waiting to savor their final pizza, a testament to its legacy in the area.

The area around the former BJ’s location has been a hotspot for growth, attracting a mix of businesses and fostering a vibrant community atmosphere. Recent developments include new construction at Scooter’s Coffee and the presence of popular spots like Chip’s and Shakebacks, as well as Hub City Fitness. The nearby Bayou Shadows neighborhood has also seen significant revitalization, further enhancing the area’s appeal.

Given the current buzz of activity and growth, whatever enterprise takes over the former BJ’s site is poised for success, benefiting from the steady flow of traffic and the thriving local business scene. The community eagerly awaits more information, and we will provide updates as new details emerge about the future of this iconic Lafayette location.

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Staff Photo


BJ’s, under the ownership of Kamal Borchalli since 1991, had been a staple since 1983, symbolizing the challenges faced by local eateries in recent times. The community’s response to its closure, with customers lining up in near 100-degree heat for one last slice, was a heartfelt farewell to a cherished local institution.

As Lafayette embraces change and growth, the fond memories of BJ’s Pizza House remain etched in the hearts of the community. As evolution is certainly inevitable, it feels like there’s a glimmer of hope that the cherished spirit of BJ’s might someday be rekindled. Our team is actively seeking more information, and we promise to keep you informed of any new developments.

Stay tuned, as the story of BJ’s Pizza House may yet have more to tell.

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