Brazil Consults On Regulatory Sandbox For AI And Data Protection

The Brazilian National Data Protection Authority (ANPD) launched a public consultation on its pilot regulatory sandbox program, aimed at testing technologies associated with artificial intelligence (AI) in a controlled environment and adhering to personal data protection rules.

By bringing together stakeholders like regulators, regulated entities, technology companies, academia and civil society organizations, Brazil’s data protection sandbox is intended to facilitate collaborative AI experimentation within a regulatory framework, through a structured methodology.

According to the ANPD, the project is expected to produce results such as potential regulations on the topic, enhanced algorithmic transparency, and the promotion of responsible AI innovation.

The new public consultation on an AI and data protection sandbox follows the conclusion of another exercise led by Brazil’s data protection authority, focused on regulating the transfer of personal data to foreign countries or organizations.

The AI sandbox exercise will be supported by a technical study previously carried out by the Brazilian data protection authority. The research outlines how regulatory sandboxes can be utilized by data protection bodies in the process of regulation of emerging technologies.

Designed in collaboration with the Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean (CAF), the Brazilian data protection body’s sandbox will benefit from the CAF’s methodologies, insights, and experiences for the creation of such controlled environments in the region.

Through the current consultation, the ANPD hopes to gather key data for the regulatory sandbox, and hear various interested parties that could be affected by future regulations concerning AI and data protection. The data protection also hopes that these perspectives will help shape the regulatory framework and promote transparent and inclusive decision-making.






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