Baked tofu nuggets, the easiest recipe for crunchy vegan bites

Once it was clear to us that it is not necessary to press the tofu whenever we want to cook it, we had to check the result in a recipe. And what better litmus test than the same one recommended by the original author of the revealing technique – if something so simple can be called that – some baked tofu nuggets that she, she assured, are crispy and tasty. We confirm it.

We do not intend to ask for pears from the elm looking for the same baking result as if we used a canonical frying, but we must recognize that these tofu bites have exceeded all our expectations. And the best of all is that, indeed, it is a recipe very simple and fast to prepare, without messes of pressing or draining, without using the knife and staining just what is necessary.

So we have an alternative vegan version of the classic chicken nuggets that everyone can enjoy at home, without having to strictly follow this type of diet. The quantities can be duplicate without problems If necessary, and if we do not have rice flour – which is another starch – we can use more cornstarch instead.

Preheat the oven with air to 220ºC. Open the tofu package, drain the liquid and simply wipe it with a sheet of kitchen paper to remove any surface moisture from all sides. Crumble with your hands into irregular bite-sized pieces, and place in a deep container. Spread another sheet of kitchen paper or a clean cloth over it.

Mix all the other ingredients with small whisks in a bowl, except the oil. Drizzle the tofu with a tablespoon of oil, stir and add the batter. Mix gently or stir from the container itself so that the tofu is coated well and coated. Pour another tablespoon of oil and mix again carefully.

Grease a baking dish with a little more oil and spread out the tofu pieces. Bake at a level a little higher than half height, lowering the temperature to 200º C if it browns too quickly. Continue baking until golden brown, about 30-35 minutes.

Optionally, you can turn the pieces halfway through cooking so that they are cooked more uniformly. Serve immediately, adding salt and pepper if necessary.

Pyrex Magic Baking Tray, Black, 26 x 19 cm

Pyrex Magic Baking Tray, Black, 26 x 19 cm

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What to serve with tofu nuggets

Any sauce that we like for dipping, such as barbecue sauce, will go well with tofu nuggets, and a good idea is to serve them to share with a variety of dressings and that each diner serves himself to his liking. A simple traditional mayonnaise or its vegan version of lactonesaise with a vegetable milk is great, and we can also prepare homemade ketchup or a good tomato sauce. The fresh touch of lemon or lime juice is also recommended.

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