Audi Offers Significant Discounts on E-Tron GT to Boost Sales

Audi has expressed disappointment in the sales performance of its Audi E-Tron GT, prompting the manufacturer to offer significant discounts. While the E-Tron GT lags behind its competitors in terms of range, with an estimated EPA range of around 230 miles compared to rivals such as the Tesla Model S Plaid and the Lucid Air Pure, which offer over 400 miles, it stands out for its enjoyable driving experience, especially in its high-performance RS version.

In an effort to make the E-Tron GT more appealing, Audi is offering substantial discounts. These discounts, available for both the regular and RS versions, can reduce the price by up to a third for qualifying customers. For those interested in leasing an RS model, the discount translates to $32,500. Additionally, Audi has expanded its loyalty program, which initially started in California and is now available to customers nationwide. Current Audi lessees may qualify for an additional discount of 10 to 14 percent, depending on various factors.

The E-Tron GT RS has a starting price of $148,595, while the regular E-Tron GT starts at $107,995, including shipping fees. With these discounts, customers can bring the price of the E-Tron GT closer to that of competing models. Despite lower sales, the E-Tron GT remains a strong competitor in its category.

In the second quarter of 2023, Audi sold 1,060 units of the E-Tron GT in the United States, while Porsche sold 1,635 units of the Taycan during the same period. Tesla does not disclose specific sales numbers in the United States for the Model S, but the company delivered 19,225 units of their premium models worldwide between April and June of this year.

These significant discounts from Audi reflect the overall trend of decreasing prices for electric vehicles. Tesla has made substantial price cuts, and promotions like Audi’s contribute further to this trend. It remains to be seen whether these discounts will help boost E-Tron GT sales.

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