Apple Announces M3 Lineup on Scary Fast Event—These Macs are Getting It

Apple’s recently ended event, the “Scary Fast,” has brought significant thrilling new products from the company, and the company has finally introduced the much-awaited M3 Silicon chip lineup that is coming soon. The MacBook Pro is the first device that Apple announced to get the different variants of the M3 chip, with the iMac also accompanying it. 

Apple’s Scary Fast Event Brings the M3 Lineup

Apple M3

(Photo : Apple via YouTube Screenshot)

Apple went dark and spooky for this October 30, 2023 event, which was called the “Scary Fast,” and it brought significant announcements to users, centering on the most powerful chipset yet, the M3 lineup. 

First off, the M3 will feature three variants for all, including the base M3, the M3 Pro, and the M3 Max, reminiscent of the old M2 lineup. 

This M3 presents the 3-nanometer process, which is 1nm smaller than the M2, said to be the “faster and more efficient CPU,” with its updated GPU which supports ray tracing, mesh shading, and Dynamic Caching. 

Another thrilling announcement for Apple is the M3’s unified memory which offers up to 128GB.

Apple Mac Family

(Photo : Apple via YouTube Screenshot)

The base M3 Max chip will offer a 40-core GPU, 16 GPU cores, and up to 92 billion transistors.

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What Macs Are Getting New M3?

Two new Macs from its lineup were introduced to get the first M3 upgrade from the company, and first, Apple announced the MacBook Pros getting the new Silicon chips. With this, users may choose from the base M3, the M3 Pro, and the M3 Max coming, with a new Space Black color replacing Space Gray, featuring the M3 Max and 128GB of unified memory.

M3 MacBook Pro

(Photo : Apple via YouTube Screenshot)

Next up, the 24-inch iMac finally gets its upgrade with the M3 chip, still starting at $1,299.99.

M3 iMac

(Photo : Apple via YouTube Screenshot)

Both computers are available next week for purchases, with pre-orders coming later this week.

Apple’s M3 Anticipation

M3 iMac

(Photo : Apple via YouTube Screenshot)

For the majority part of the year, Apple analysts and fans have anticipated what the Cupertino giant has to deliver for the new Silicon SoC of the company, centering on the new developments made for the M3. Much news centering on the next-gen M-series chip has talked about its capabilities and performance, as well as its 32-core CPU, 80-core GPU, and more for the SoC’s Ultra variant.

Mark Gurman’s famed Power On Newsletter has been firm that Apple is set to deliver the new M3 and the Macs that will use it this October, while other analysts refuted this idea. Gurman adds another accurate prediction on his belt as Apple brought the new Macs and its M3 series this October, right before Halloween, in its anticipated Scary Fast event which it announced in a surprise. 

The M3, M3 Pro, and the M3 Max are here, with Apple claiming that it has pushed the boundaries of its devices this year, including the iPhone’s switch to USB-C. Now, the first wave of M3-equipped computers is coming, with MacBook Pro’s entire lineup and the new 24-inch iMac with M3 coming, with this Halloween event bringing a hauntingly good set of computers from the company. 

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